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The latest news and updates from Wellgrove

Pony Club Achievements

Congratulations to Pony Club riders this half term.

Progressive Riding tests 

  • Bronze 3 – Anna and Emily 
  • Bronze 2 – Sofia 
  • Bronze 1 – Amelia
  • Silver 2 – Ella


  • Mini tack badge – Emma , Sofia , Anna, Emily
  • Saddlery badge – Amelia

Camp 2021 results

Scurry long reining

1st Erin, 2nd Yasmin, 3rd Alina, 4th Freya W, 5th Sophie B, 6th Amelia P, 7th Maddie, 8th Amelia B

Show Jumping Class 1

1st Amelia P, 2nd Annabelle, 3rd Star, 4th Lucy, 5th Charlotte, 6th Jess

Show Jumping Class 2

1st Grace, 2nd Sophie B, 3rd Mimi, 4th Evie T, 5th Jayna, 6th Olivia

Barrel Racing

1st Alina, 2nd Freya H, 3rd Evie P, 4th Mimi, 5th Ella, 6th Amelia, 7th Evie T, 8th Ellie


1st Freya W, 2nd Isobel, 3rd Amelia B

  • Most spectacular dismount – Soline
  • Well done for not crying – Isobel
  • Fastest elimination – Evie T
  • Survive Warm up – Sophie B
  • Most fences demolished – Maddie
  • Got lost after fence 1 – Amber
  • Showjumping Star – Amelia P
  • Stable Stars – Yasmin and Amber
  • Best Riders – Isobel, Fleur, Lucy, Mimi
  • Most Improved – Jayna, Emily, Annabelle, Olivia, Freya H
  • Best flatwork – Ellie and Amelia B
  • Best Jump – Annabelle and Sophie R
  • Loudest Camper – Sophie B
  • Most woken up – Soline
  • Grubbiest camper – Olivia
  • Fattest Arm – Charlotte
  • Grumpiest – Erin
  • Noone knows how you sat that – Yasmin

Advanced payment vouchers and potential Christmas gifts

We can do vouchers at normal prices for lessons taken at any time of mutual choice in 2021. We also have on offer the following “specials”:

  • Own a pony for three days – 28th,29th and 30th December or 4th, 5th and 6th January (7am-3pm). Muck out, groom, tack clean and take care of your favourite horse/pony, plus ride for 30 mins in school each day (staff supervised). £50. Must be booked by 10th December with Emma
  • Own a pony for one day – 31st December (8am-1pm). Muck out, groom, tack clean and take care of your favourite pony plus have a group lesson with Emma £30 ( must be booked by 10th December with Emma)
  • Christmas private lesson voucher days – 29th and 30th December and 7th and 8th January. Vouchers purchased by 1st December entitle riders to a £30 private lesson with Emma (usually £45) – ideal Christmas present.

Please text Emma to book: 07887 777 191.

Summer fun days

Instead of Summer camps we will offer Fun Days on 27th July, 29th July, 11th August and 13th August.

These will consist of approximately the itinerary listed below and will only be available to independent riders who can prepare their own horse. Priority booking will be given to those who have pre paid camp deposits. Currently we can cater for 15 max on each day with riders staying in their rider ability groups for all activities. A full list of Covid assurances will be put forward soon.

Approx Itinerary

  • 9am start
  • Preparing horses, lesson, hacking
  • Lunch (packed lunch please, no food supplied)
  • Lesson, stable management, competition
  • 5pm home
  • £60

Coronavirus update

We have made the devastating decision to close the riding school. We will for now remain open to loaners and liveries, and I will provide lessons for both if they wish.

There will be plenty of restrictions in place we are sure, and I feel that morally we have a duty to support the social distancing that paints a far bigger picture for all than our riding school bubble.

We wish everyone well and hope to see you all soon .

Pony Club Achievements

  • Mini grooming- Summer, Rosie
  • Mini plaiting – Martha, Ella, Ella, Sarah, Abbie, Erin
  • Show Prep – Amelia, Maddie, Sarah, Olivia, Fleur, Ella, Erin, Abbie.
  • Progressive Bronze 3 – Summer, Rosie
  • Bronze 2 – Martha
  • Silver 3- Maddy, Abbie, Sarah

August 2019 Pony Club achievements

  • Mini poisonous plants: Ella, Tiana, Martha
  • Mini plaiting: Amelia, Jess
  • Mini perfect paddock: Ella
  • Field Safety: Ella, Tiana, Phoebe, Eleanor, Martha, Chloe, Abi, Amelia, Amelia, Jess
  • Silver 2 progressive Riding: Ella,
  • Bronze 3 progressive riding: Tiana, Martha, Eleanor, Phoebe, Chloe, Abi, Amelia
  • Mini saddlery: Tiana, Phoebe, Eleanor, Chloe, Abi, Amelia
  • Mini groom: Tiana, Phoebe, Eleanor, Chloe, Abi, Amelia

Pony Club achievements

Congratulations to the following Pony Clubbers for their May 2019 achievements

  • How to be lunged badges – Amelia, Jess, Martha, Sarah
  • Rugs and bandages – Emily, Jess, Amelia, Isobel, Olivia, Abbie
  • Mini rugs – Ella, Max, Maddie, Amelie, Martha
  • Mini groom – Martha, Ella, Tianna
  • Mini saddlery – Martha, Amelie, Ella
  • Loading – Emily, Sophie, Jess, Amelia, Martha, Isobel, Olivia, Max, Maddie, Abbie


  • Progressive Silver 1- Amelia, Jess
  • Silver 3 – Emily
  • Bronze 1 – Max, Maddie, Abbie
  • Bronze 2 – Sarah
  • Bronze 3 – Martha, Ella, Amelie

Pony Club achievements

Congratulations to the following Pony Clubbers for their achievements over half term:

  • Mini mucking out: Emily, Sarah, Sophie, Abbie, Mae
  • Security: Emily, Sarah, Sophie, Abbie, Mae, Isobel, Olivia
  • Mini rugs: Sophie
  • Rugs and bandages: Emily, Sarah, Abbie, Isobel, Olivia, Fleur, Ella
  • Muck out: Jess
  • Tack cleaning: Abbie, Annabelle, Jess, Erin
  • Saddlery: Abbie, Jess

Progressive riding tests

  • Silver 3: Ella, Erin, Annabelle
  • Bronze 1: Abbie, Emily
  • Bronze 2: Sophie, Sarah

Half term achievements

Progressive Riding Achievements

  • Silver 2 – Fleur, Jess, Olivia, Isobel, Evie
  • Bronze 3 – Sarah, Sophie, Carys, Layla
  • Bronze 2 – Emily
  • Bronze 1 – Annabelle, Freya

Achievement badges

  • Poisonous Plants (big) – Sarah, Emily, Freya, Annabelle, Evie
  • Worming – Sarah, Emily, Freya, Evie
  • Mini grooming – Sophie, Cerys, Layla
  • Mini tack up – Sophie, Carys, Layla

Achievements and results

Congratulations to the following for their Pony Club Achievements:

  • Perfect Paddock: Evie, Kate
  • Worming: Evie, Annabelle, Erin, Anna, Ella, Kate, Jess
  • Mini Saddlery: Emily, Bella, Sophia, Esme, Ava
  • Mini grooming: Emily, Bella, Sophie, Esme, Ava

Progressive Riding badges:

  • Silver 3: Ella, Kate
  • Bronze 1: Anna, Erin
  • Bronze 3: Emily, Esme, Ava, Bella, Sophia,
  • Bronze 2: Annabelle, Evie

Dressage results

  • 1st Emma and Caragh 68.9%
  • 2nd Hatty and Conker 67.9%
  • 3rd Jess and Marcus 66.2%
  • 4th Isabelle and Delia 64.3%
  • 5th Yasmin and Willow 62.9 %
  • 6th Jess and Apple 62.7 %

Show Jumping

  • Class 1 1st Anna and Ned, 2nd Jess and Marcus
  • Class 2 1st Hatty and Conker, 2nd Yasmin and Willow, 3rd Ava and Demi, 4th Jess and Apple
  • Class 3 1st Penelope and Elmo, 2nd Hatty and Conker

Combined Training winner of the Trilby Trophy: Hatty and Conker

Results for camp 2 2018

  • Overall champions – Izzy and Millie
  • Stable Stars – Honey and Rebecca
  • Most Improved – Caitlin, Mae, Evie, Molly, Tilly
  • Best dressage – Emma
  • Best Show jump – Amelia
  • Best Cross country – Olivia
  • Best mounted games – Eve
  • Best Riders – Grace, Maddie, Mae
  • Dressage test – Delilah
  • Show Jumping – Ruby
  • Tack and turnout – Mae

Winning Team 2

  • Wild west – Alice
  • Bum lick award – Alice and Hatty
  • Best Fall – Amelia
  • Noisiest campers – Isobel and Olivia
  • Most forgetful – Jess
  • Cohen’s best friend – Mimi
  • Most annoying questions – Delilah and Fleur

Jump Cross cancelled

Unfortunately due to lack of interest the Jump Cross section of the Three day event will be cancelled. The Dressage and Showjumping will go ahead, both as separate competitions and also as a combined training if both are done.

Summer camp 1 2018 results

  • Overall Champion: Penelope
  • Jump Cross: Ruby
  • Showjumping: Penelope
  • Most Improved: Millie
  • Stable Star: Freya and Kate
  • Best Rider: Poppie
  • Well Done: Abi
  • Handy Pony: Penelope
  • Dressage: Poppie and Jess
  • Barrel Racing: Ruby
  • Tack and Turnout: Amy and Freya

Team 1 won the camp points

Camp Falls: Freya, Freya, Ruby, Amy

Badges and riding tests

Congratulations to the following for passing:

  • Perfect Paddock: Anna, Ella, Isobel, Olivia, Sophie, Shannon, Sarah, Isabelle, Ruby
  • Mini Tack up: Sarah, Shannon, Anna, Isabelle
  • Mini groom: Sarah, Shannon, Anna, Isabelle

Progressive riding tests

  • Bronze 1: Ella
  • Bronze 2: Sophie, Sarah
  • Bronze 3: Anna, Shannon,
  • Silver 3: Isobel, Olivia, Ruby, Isabelle

Half Term achievements

  • Bronze 2: Kate, Freya
  • Mini Road Rider: Kate, Freya, Elisa, Ellie
  • Silver 3: Fleur, Olivia, Katie, Amelia, Jess
  • Bronze 3: Elisa, Ellie, Anna
  • Mini Grooming: Elisa, Ellie
  • Show prep: Abi, Rachel, Hatty, Alice
  • Gold 1: Hatty
  • Rugs and bandages: Hatty

Pony Club tests

Congratulations to our

Pony clubbers who passed their Pony Club tests tests this holidays.E test: Leon and Ellie
D test: Amelia, Jess, Erin, Abi, Katie, Millie, Ava, Fleur
D plus: Jess, Ava, Rachel

More achievements

  • Show preparation badge: Jess L, Jess S, Sophie G, Amy B
  • Mini grooming: Ruby, Ava
  • Mini rugs: Amelia
  • Foot care: Amelia, Jess, Fleur, Isobel, Olivia, Mimi, Abi S
  • Rugs and bandages: Mae and Izzy F
  • Plaiting: Mary, Sophia
  • Mini plaiting: Jess L, Fleur, Mimi
  • Mini colours and markings: Amelia, Jess L
  • Pony Breeds: Yasmin, Grace

BHS Helpers Certificate: Mae, Izzy F, Abi, Yasmin, Grace

Progressive Riding

  • Gold 3: Mimi and Grace

Pony Club achievements

Congratulations to the following:

  • Petsense – Amelia, Jess, Poppy, Anna, Fleur
  • Dressage Arenas – Amelia, Fleur, Anna
  • Rugs and Bandages – Izzy and Mae
  • Riding School Helper test- Mae and Izzy

Progressive riding

  • Bronze 1 – Evie
  • Bronze 2 – Anna
  • Silver 3 – Izzy, Mae

Pony Club Achievements and Progressive Riding Badges

Congratulations to the following riders for passing Pony Club Achievement and Progressive Riding Badges.

  • Mini grooming – Ava, Ruby, Isabelle, Sadiqun, Imogen, Leon
  • Mini saddlery – Ava, Ruby, Isabelle, Sadiqun, Imogen, Leon
  • Mucking out – Freya, Kate
  • Mini feeding – Freya, Isobel, Olivia, Kate, Charlotte
  • Mini mucking out – Isobel, Olivia, Charlotte
  • Mini rugs – Abi, Amelia
  • Mini points of horse – Abi
  • Mini foot care – Amelia, Jess

External Pony Club exam dates

We now have dates for the next external Pony Club exams. On Thursday 5 April we will be running E tests, D tests and D plus tests with an outside examiner at £20 a test. They will be held in the morning and times will be confirmed nearer the date.

Also we will begin C test training for those who have completed their D+ on a Saturday 5.45 pm for half an hour throughout May with a view to doing the test in June.

Please note that it is the stable management that is often the hardest and that the children have to be capable of all of the tasks on the syllabus. You can find this on the Pony Club website here.

Please contact us via email if you want to be booked in!

Pony Club achievements from half term

  • Mini grooming: Isobel, Olivia, Freya, Kate, Emilia, Natalia, Emily, Ella, Sophie
  • Mini Colours and markings: Fleur, Jess S, Evie
  • Mini mucking out: Anna, Abi
  • Security Awareness: Jess S, Evie, Anna
  • Mini Tack: Isobel, Olivia, Freya, Kate, Emilia, Natalia, Keira, Ella, Sophie