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Wellgrove Farm Stables is a family-run business that has been established for 40 years. Emma Whittaker has held the post of manager for thirteen years.

We are an established Pony Club centre, a riding school licensed to Emma Whittaker with a five-star rating by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (18/500568/RIDING). We specialise in trying to give the children we teach in particular an overall “horsey experience” with a high emphasis on the work and duties involved in keeping an animal.

Wellgrove Farm Stables helpers scheme

We have an established “helpers scheme” where riders over the age of ten can join a scheme for a small fee, log hours of work and exchange them for lessons and hope that this instills in them a sense of responsibility, purpose and self-esteem as well as, of course, aiding those on lower incomes.

Older, more experienced “helpers” are enlisted to teach and help the newer kids, and this leads to them learning skills to take into their later working life. The two current full time instructors at Wellgrove both progressed from this scheme into our employment, gaining formal qualifications through their training with us.