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The latest news and updates from Wellgrove

Achievement badges from half term

Congratulations to all the following:

  • Mini Feeding: Joseph Morris, Ellie Bircombe, Sophie Wilson, Cydney Hines, Willow Hines, Mimi Brown-Griffin, Alice Mantle, Amelie Hunton
  • Feeding: Ellie Burcombe, Sophie Wilson, Cydney Hines, Willow Hines, Amelie Hunton
  • Mini Mucking Out: Joseph Morris, Ellie Burcombe, Sophie Wilson, ALice Mantle, Amelie Hunton
  • Mucking Out: Ellie Burcombe, Sophie Wilson, Amelie Hunt
  • Mini Grooming: Ellie Burcombe, Sophie Wilson, Alice MAntle, Amelie Hunton
  • Grooming: Sophie Wilson, Ellie Burcombe, Amelie Hunton
  • Mini Pony Points: Willow Hines, Cydney Hines, Mimi Brown Griffin, Grace Brown Griffin
  • Mini Foot care: Willow Hines, Cydney Hines, Mimi Brown Griffin, Grace Brown Griffin

ABRS exam results

17th March: stable management 1:

  • Victoire d’Ansembourg
  • Genevieve Badia-Aylin

18th March: Equitation:

  • Jessica Commane
  • Ruth Stevenson
  • Genevieve Badia-Aylin
  • Victoired’Ansembourg

18th March: Equitation :

  • Isabelle Jane
  • Astrid Nord
  • Genevieve Badia-Aylin
  • Victoire d’Ansembourg

18th March: Stable management :

  • Victoire d’Ansembourg
  • Genevieve Badia-Aylin
  • Jessica Commane
  • Ruth Stevenson
  • Tinki Chan

19th March: Stable management :

  • Chengrui Ruan
  • Isabelle Kwan
  • Ruth Stevenson

19th March: Equitation 3:

  • Tinki Chan

20th March Equitation 4:

  • Tinki Chan
  • Isabelle Kwan
  • Chengrui Ruan

Fun Day results

Congratulations to everyone who managed to “have fun” on the fun day on 28 December despite the weather! Congratulations to Gemma Boorman who won the Knowledge Quiz and has earned herself a private riding lesson.

Also congratulations to more ABRS exam achievers. Emma Gower (Level 3 riding) and stable management, Sophie Gower (level 3 stable management), Mathew Stanley and Joe Gower (level 1 and 2 riding and stable management).

Please contact us on the landline

If you need to get in touch with us by phone, please call the landline number 01892 822 087 as Emma’s mobile phone has sadly been stolen.

Show day results

Results from the Show Day.

Set 2

Bucket elimination

1st Alex Witchell and Foaly,
2nd Red Robinson and Molly/Lucy Sutton and Delia
4th Vicky Thorne and Tom/Alicia Ryan and Ronnie
5th Phoebe Kateley and Chippy /Abi Gregory and Baby

Best Rider

1st Ella Stanbury and Marcus
2nd Elinor Steward and Lottie
3rd Alicia Ryan and Ronnie
4th Lucy Sutton and Delia
5th Lydia Gregory and Pumba
6th Phoebe Kately and Chippy

Show jump

1st Elinor Steward and Lottie,
2nd Abi Gregory and Baby
3rd Phoebe Kateley and Chippy
4th Red Robinson and Molly/Alicia Ryan and Ronnie
5th Lydia Gregory and Pumba/Vicky Thorne and Tom

Set 3

Show jump

1st Lydia Woodcock and Apple
2nd Olivia Pingault and Molly
3rd Bella Donmall and Sky
4th Nellie Kottler and Sparky
5th Talia Burgess and Connie/Lara Skilton and Chippy
6th Jess Miller and Woody/Coral Salter and Foaly

Flat Out Race

1st Jess Miller and Woody

Working Hunter

1st Bella Donmall and Sky
2nd Olivia Pingault and Molly
3rd Jess Donmall and Lottie/Flora Cournane and Indy
4th Gemma Boorman and Penny/Coral Salter and Foaly
5th Jess Miller and Woody
6th Evie Green and Mo

Winner of Set 2: Elinor Steward
Winner of Set 3: Olivia Pingault

Achievement Badges

Congratulations to the following for achieving their badges:

  • Plaiting – Phoebe Everett-Kateley
  • Grooming and Handling – Abi Gregory, Lydia Gregory, Mary, Sofia Croft
  • Mini Rugs – Phoebe Everett-Kately, Abi Gregory, Lydia Gregory, Mary, Sofia Croft, Nadine, Georgia Noble, Joseph Morris, Isla and Sydney
  • Mini Feeding – Nadine, Georgia Noble, Isla, Sydney, Joseph Morris

October Pony Club topic

The Pony Club topic for this month is rugs and bandages and also horse handling recap.

Results for second residential camp

Tack and Turn out 1st-6th: Amber Holt, Olivia Sparkes and Pumba, Ella Stanbury and Baby,Ellie Burcombe and Pippa Mitchell with Bobby, Robyn Wilkinson and Jessicca with Lottie, Aobhin Bowles and Nell Fuller with Foaly, Helena and Abi Carlton Sparky tied with Edith Wallwork and Abbie Barter with Socks.

Handy Pony 1st-6th: Ella Stanbury and Abi Carlton, Olivia Sparkes and Robyn Wilkinson, Jessicca and Ellie Burcombe, Aobhin Bowles, Nell Fuller and Helena, Amber Holt and Edith Wallwork, Pippa Mitchell.

Second residential camp results

Handy Pony
1st-6th: Imogen Saker, Lydia Woodcock, Lucy Bartlett, Red Robinson, Martha Lee, Elinor Steward and Victoria Thorne(tie)

Barrel Racing
1st-6th: Martha Lee, Erin Hollands, Imogen Saker, Alicia Ryan, Lydia Woodcock and Tallulah Whitlock (tie), Grace Rhoden

Most Improved Riders
Toby Sydenham and Georgia Ballard

Stable Star
Tallulah Whitlock

Best Rider
Imogen Saker

Quiz winners
Connie Turner and Elinor Steward, runner up Hattie Barker

Show Jumping Small course
1st-6th: Chloe Wickens, Toby Sydenham, Tabitha Ballard, Darcy Meeking, Alana Meeking, Mia Hatton

Medium course
1st-6th: Grace Rhoden, Imogen Saker, Ella Stanbury, Elinor Steward, Leah Faircloth, Eliza Field

Big course
1st-5th: Erin Hollands, Martha Lee, Georgia Ballard, Lydia Woodcock, Lucy Bartlett

Tack and Turnout won by Lydia Woodcock and Martha Lee and Penny

Results from first residential camp

Handy Pony 1st- 6th: Poppy Whitehead, Archie Munro, Tilly Murray, Alice Robinson, Ele Barton

Barrel racing 1st-6th: Ginny Sisk, Chris Hitch, Ele Barton, Talia Burgess, Poppy Whitehead, Lois Thorpe

Tack and Turn out 1st-6th: Poppy Whitehead, Ele Barton and Penny; Ginny Sisk, Alice Robinson and Connie; Lucy Morrison, Tilly Murray and Socks; Lara Skilton, Talia Burgess and Sky; (tie 5th- Red Robinson and Daisy Derby and Mitmoo and Evie Hinde and Matilda Sturge and Pumba); Lois Thorpe and Sophie Wise and Baby

Show Jumping 1st-4th large course: Ginny Sisk, Talia Burgess, Archie Munro, Alice Robinson
Medium course 1st-4th: Chris Hitch, Lucy Morrison, Lois Thorpe, Sophie Wise
Small course 1st-4th: Daisy Derby, Evie Hinde, Matilda Sturge

Scavenger Hunt:  Alice, Ginny and Matilda
Most Improved: Nikita Windheuser and Sophie Wise
Stable Star: Evie Hinde
Most helpful: Chris Hitch

Dressage scores still to come!

August Pony Club topic

The Pony Club topic for August will be Points of the Horse, to include conformation and breeds.

July Pony Club topic

July’s Pony Club topic is grooming, handling and tacking up.

ABRS certificates

ABRS certificates are now ready to collect from the office!

Results for D and D+ tests

Results for D and D+ test just in: most passed, and those who did not can pick up a feedback letter from the office from tomorrow. Those who did: your name will be on this list, and certificates sent on soon.

Hattie Barker, Abigail Gregory (needs a little work on lower leg position), Lydia Gregory, Erin Hammond, Bella Donmall (whip needs to be held correctly when mounting), Jess Donmall (needs a little work on points of horse), Emily Hooker, Tallulah Whitlock, Olivia Mullen (check for twists in reins), Jess Miller (feed titbits correctly), Flora Cournane (check for twists in reins). Well done to solitary Sophie Whittome, you passed!

Pony Club test and ABRS results

Congratulations to the following Pony Clubbers for passing their E test: Lucy Delaney, Constance Michel, Francoise Michel, Ellie Burcombe, Lulu Turner- Townsend, Toby Sydenham, Charlotte Mealing, Tilly Hughes-Wilson, Robyn Burrows, Emily Scott, Emma Horgan, Laura Pepper, Will Graville, Vicky Thorne, Cydney Hines and Willow Hines.

For passing their Bronze Progressive 3: Eva Wilch, Cydney Hines, Willow Hines; and their Progressive 2: Emily Cunningham, Eva Wilch and Olivia Sparkes.

Congratulations to the ABRS Equitation candidates too. Emma Gower, Sophie Whittome, Lucy Landymore, Gemma Boorman and Red Robinson all passed their Equitation 1 and they all passed Stable Management also as did Sophie Gower.

Well done to all those who achieved their achievement badges today also, and good luck with the future plaiting practice!

Helpers, entry forms and Summer Camps

Please ensure that in order to claim your 50 point reduction for summer camp that you have booked to have your ABRS helper entry form completed and signed off. This half term the only days that this can be done, will be Tuesday 28th May and Wednesday 29th May between 10am and 4pm and the next available time will not be until the start of the summer holidays. The signing off is free but needs to be booked in advance.

New pony found

New pony Lottie has now arrived at Wellgrove Farm. Lottie is a 13hh, five year old bay mare, and will become a pony for Wellgrove’s Riding for the Disabled.

ABRS examination results

Congratulations to the following in our first set of ABRS (Association of British Riding Schools) examinations.

  • Equitation test 1: Ruth Stevenson, Melisa Chen, Jessica Commane
  • Equitation Test 2: Lynsey Puttock, Alice del Marmol, Clara Goyeneche, Isabelle Kwan, Kinari Tsuchida, Tinki Chan, Wera Ruan
  • Stable Management 1: Wera Ruan, Ruth Stevenson, Lynsey Puttock, Isabelle Kwan, Clara Goyeneche, Alice del Marmol