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Horses for loan

Many of the ponies and horses working in the riding school will be available for horse loans; all are very different and have different requirements, so it will be important to match these needs with the rider’s strengths and abilities.

The basic package is detailed below with brief horse profiles. Please contact Emma on 07887 777 191 with any enquiries or questions.

Basic and premium horse loan schemes

The type of loan scheme varies – either ‘basic’ or ‘premium’ – and lasts for a minimum of three months after an initial week’s trial.

  • Basic – costs £60 per week and entitles the rider to loan the horse/pony for one weekday and one weekend day.
  • Premium – costs £110 per week and entitled the rider to loan the horse/pony for two weekdays and two weekend days.

The initial trial week will be charged at £150 and will include a private lesson and an accompanied hack, added to Premium scheme days. Riders will need to have their insurance in place at the start of this time.

This may not be necessary, if riders are already familiar with their ponies.

Exact days will vary according to the horse/pony’s profile, but a weekday constitutes 7am – 7pm Monday – Friday and a weekend constitutes12pm – 5pm.

Due to high pony loan demand we will also be running a one-day-a-week loan for £20 weekdays and £27 weekends– all other details are the same.


All horse and pony loaners will require Personal Accident Insurance, but this is available for the under 18s by being a member of our Pony Club branch centre (approx. £30 per year) or by joining the British Horse Society (approx. £65 per year) for adults. A copy of this membership must be available for Wellgrove’s records.

All loaners under 16 are restricted to riding on site in field or sand school and hacking in Wellgrove’s own woodlands (for this, an adult must accompany them for the five minute stretch of roadwork this entails).

Stabling and care

All loan horses and ponies will be liveried at Wellgrove and cared for alongside all the others. There are no mandatory duties, but they are encouraged, to learn and to give the ponies some quality time and love. There are no other costs – all vet fees etc will be covered by Wellgrove. If for any reason the loan pony becomes unable to be ridden, we will endeavour to find you a replacement. If this fails, the loan will terminate and any leftover finances will be reimbursed.

This should act as an ideal precursor to owning your own pony, and would especially benefit those who appreciate that they are not able to provide the commitment in time to deal with a pony on a daily basis.

We ask for a minimum of one month for termination of loan agreement

Horses and ponies on the loan scheme