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The latest news and updates from Wellgrove

Results from first summer camp

  • Hardest working riders: Phoebe, Anya, Olivia
  • Most improved rider: Thomas
  • Most helpful: Ruby and Lucy
  • Best first time jumper: Ebony
  • Happiest hacker: Sophie
  • Laziest camper: Vicky
  • Girl most fond of the floor: Yasmin
  • Most competitive: Renata, Fleur, Lily

Faller offers: Yasmin, Ava, Renata, Ebony, Red, Jodie, Fleur

  • Dressage walk and trot: 1st-6th. Renata, Fleur and Lily, Thomas, Isobel, Maude, Amber and Olivia
  • Dressage walk, trot and canter – 1st-6th. Ruby, Vicky, Red, Tally and Phoebe, Lucy, Ava and Jodie
  • Wild West 1st-6th. Red, Ava, Renata, Sophie, Anya, Ruby
  • Handy Pony 1st- 6th Lucy, Tally, Red, Thomas, Renata, Eleanor
  • Round the world 1st-6th. Yasmin and Red, Lily, Lucy, Fleur, Ruby and Thomas
  • Winning turnout team: Welsh
  • Winning team overall: New Forest

Assessments for joining the helper scheme

Assessments for joining the helper scheme can take place on any Pony Day subject to Pony Club membership. This will include testing for the mini grooming and tacking up badge and basic safety checks, so please come prepared.


Congratulations to Jess for achieving her Fundraising badge.

Half-term showjumping results

Class 1

  • 1st Annabelle and Bobby
  • 2nd Jess and Lottie
  • 3rd Amelia and Marcus
  • 4th Amelie and Sparky

Class 2

  • 1st  Ava and Ronnie
  • 2nd Yasmin and Molly
  • 3rd Abi and Tom
  • 4th Charlie and Marcus

Class 3

  • 1st Millie and Ned
  • 2nd Alice and Ted
  • 3rd Jasmine and Sweep

Class 4

  • 1st Jade and Ned
  • 2nd Alice and Ted
  • 3rd Grace and Chips

Class 5

  • 1st Emma and Connie
  • 2nd Hatty and Tom
  • 3rd Tabby and Apple

Half-terms results

  • Mucking out: Yasmin
  • Birds: Yasmin, Rachel, Olivia, Tilly, Jess, Poppy, Annabelle, Abi, Amelia, Jess, Anna
  • Mini feed: Rachel, Abi
  • Mini colours: Olivia, poppy, Annabelle, Amelia, Jess
  • Mini groom: Tilly
  • Mini poisonous plants: Tilly, Poppy, Olivia, Abi
  • Perfect paddock: Jess
  • Mini tack up: Annabelle,
  • Points of the horse: Anna


  • Bronze 3: Anna
  • Bronze 2: Annabelle, Poppy
  • Silver 3: Rachel, Jess

RDA fundraising

Thanks to everyone who helped at the cake sale, raising the fantastic amount of £480. To gain your Pony Club Fundraising badge, members are required to help fund raising on 4 different occasions. Poster making will count as one, cake making another, helping on the cake day will also count. Keep an eye out for the other fundraising ideas that will happen this year and once you have logged your 4, let Emma know and you can be awarded your badge.

Half-term achievements

  • Field Safety: Jess, Abi, Poppy, Emily, Kiera, Jess
  • Dressage Arenas: Jess, Abi, Poppy, Emily, Kiera, Jess

Easter showjumping results

Class 1

1st Charlie and Marcus
2nd Emma and Patch

Class 2

1st Emma and Socks
2nd Jess and Bobby, Charlie and Marcus, Yasmin and Molly

Class 3

1st Red and Barney
2nd Ava and Ronnie
3rd Hatty and Tom
4th Red and Herbie

Class 4

1st Steph and Woody
2nd Emma and Connie
3rd Tony and Apple
4th Hatty and Tom
5th Vicky and Ned

Pony Club badges achieved

  • Mini Tack up – Thomas, Renata, Jess, Phoebe, Abi
  • Mini Muck out – Thomas, Renata, Jess, Mimi
  • Points of the Horse – Jess
  • Mini pony behaviour – Jess
  • Perfect Paddock – Rachel, Mary, Sophia
  • Tack cleaning – Rachel
  • Show Preparation – Grace
  • Mini groom – Phoebe, Abi, Holly
  • Paddock Safety – Mary, Sophia

Half term achievements

Congratulations to the following Pony Clubbers for their achievements over half term.

  • Progressive Riding Bronze 3: Emily W, Kiera, Emily F, Erin, Joseph, Olivia G, Ilana, Annabel M, Annabelle
  • Bronze 2: Poppy, Olivia, Grace, Amy, Tiffany, Amelia
  • Bronze 1: Jess L, Fleur
  • Silver 1: Yasmin,
  • Gold 3: Ruby, Mary, Sofia

Achievement Badges

  • Mini Mucking Out: Poppy, Emily W, Kiera, Olivia, Grace, Erin, Joseph, Fleur, Annabelle, Amy, Jess L, Ilana, Olivia G
  • Breeds: Ruby
  • Big Points of Horse: Ruby
  • Mini Groom: Emily w, Kiera, Yasmin, Annabel M
  • Mini Tack up: Yasmin, Emily F, Erin, Jess L, Joseph, Annabel M, Fleur, Amy
  • Mini Feed: Fleur, Jess L, Tiffany, Olivia G, Ilana, Amelia
  • Big Muck Out: Fleur
  • Big Tack Up: Mary, Sofia
  • Tack Cleaning: Mary, Sofia
  • Mini Points of Pony: Amy, Jess L
  • Mini Poisonous plants: Tiffany Amelia
  • Security: Poppy, Emily W, Kiera, Olivia, Yasmin, Grace, Ruby, Emily F, Erin, Jess, Joseph, Fleur, Annabel M, Annabelle , Ruby, Jess L, Joseph, Mary, Sophia

Half term results

Congratulations to the following who completed some achievement and progressive tests over half term

  • Mini grooming – Jessica
  • Colours and Markings – Jess, Millie
  • Mini points of tack – Millie
  • Mini Mucking out – Yasmin
  • Mini grooming – Yasmin
  • Tack cleaning – Jess
  • Progressive Riding Bronze 2 – Jessicca and Yasmin
  • Progressive riding Silver 3 – Jess and Millie

RDA fund raiser

The Halloween Dress up Gymkhana raised £60

  • 1st places to Maddie, Mimi, Charlie and Red
  • 2nd place to Grace
  • 3rd places to Maddie and Jess
  • 4th places to Amelie and Maddie

Pony Club test passes

Congratulations to the following Pony Clubbers on passing tests.

  • E test Esther and Christabel
  • D test Skala and Jess
  • D+ Hatty, Mimi, Grace, Sophia and Mary


Congratulations to Jess, Poppy, and Amelia who passed their Mini Points of the Pony badge, and Poppy who also passed her mini Feeding badge.

Second Summer Camp results

Individual Best Camper – Hatty
Grubbiest Camper – Nina
Most annoying questions – Ava
Most Improved – Jess B
Bravest camper – Holly
Noisiest camper – Yasmin
Tidiest camper – Lara
Best Turkey lover – Imogen
Most competitive – Ruby
Most determined – Emilia
Most dramatic – Anna
Most improved horse – Doobs

Round the World- Emma s
Handy Pony- Victoria
Leading- Imogen

Cross country 1st-4th

Emma S, Victoria, Helena, Jessica B and Hattie
Ava, Holly, Emilia, Imogen

Dressage 1st-4th

Helena, Alice, Ruby, Hatty
Jessica S, Katelyn, Amelia, Lara

Barrel Racing 1st-4th

Ava, Hatty, Anna, Victoria

Show Jumping 1st-4th


Jessica K, Helena, Mimi, Emma N

Hatty, Anna, Emma S, Jess B

First Summer Camp results

Gymkhana Games Winners – Maize

Wild West:

  1. Skala
  2. James
  3. Red
  4. Katie

Round the World

  1. William
  2. Red
  3. Tally
  4. Lucy

Tack and turnout

  1. Gabby and Eleanor
  2. Ava and Katie
  3. Jodie and Alba
  4. Red and Amelia

Show Jumping

Absolute Novice

  1. Amelia
  2. William


  1. Lucy
  2. Alba
  3. Ava
  4. Sophie


  1. Red
  2. Skala
  3. Vicky
  4. James

Handy Pony

  1. Vicky
  2. Lucy
  3. Red
  4. Katie

Cross Country

  1. Red
  2. Skala
  3. Sophie and Phoebe
  4. Vicky

Team Winners: Oats
Individual Winer: Red

Telephone enquiries

Our landline telephone won’t be working over the summer, so please contact us on 07887 777 191 with any enquiries!


Congratulations to the following:

  • Bronze 3 Riding award – Amelia, Jess, Megan, Maddie, Katie
  • Bronze 2 Riding award – Amy, Evie
  • Bronze 1 Riding award – Milly, Jess, Saffron,
  • Silver 3 Riding award – Mary, Sofia, Ruby
  • Silver 1 Riding award – Hattie, Grace, Mimi
  • Feeding badge – Sofia, Mary, Hattie
  • Tacking Up – Mimi, Jess
  • Muck out – Milly
  • Mini Feed – Jess, Amelia, Maddison
  • Mini tack up – Amy, Evie, Maddie,
  • Mini muck out – Amy, Maddison, Jess,
  • Mini Groom – Jess, Megan, Evie,Maddie

Riding for the Disabled volunteers needed!

We are currently short of volunteers for our Riding For the Disabled group based in Tunbridge Wells, Wellgrove RDA. Now in our second year of operation we are beginning to have a busy timetable of events and with a bit more help I am sure that the group can offer riding for more individuals and groups that thrive on the exercise and time with the animals as well as being able to consolidate our current groups and begin to offer them competitions and qualifications outside of our closed environment.

As well as volunteers to assist in our riding group sessions, it would also be great to find some people that would like to help in other areas. Ideally it would be good to have an outside events coordinator that could look at what the RDA have to offer our riders and make the most of them. (This could range from running internal tests and shows to competing at qualifiers etc – this is all new to us, so any ideas, new or experienced would be welcomed.) Also useful roles might include a volunteers coordinator – they can do the boring form filling and drumming up support but also organise some socials etc. Other roles include tack cleaning, fund raising and treating the RDA ponies to cuddles and grooms etc!

Currently our timetable looks like this until end of July.( all time slots are 30 mins)

  • Monday 9.30 (littlies), 10.00 (adults), 11.00 (teenagers), 11.30 (young adults)
  • Tuesday 11.15 (teenagers)
  • Thursday 10.00 (littlies), 10.30 (teenagers)
  • Friday 1.30 (young adults)

From September as far as we know we have the same plus an extra group on a Thursday 1.00 (children).

On another note we could do with some craftsmen assistance – would love a DIY fanatic to do up the summer house that we were kindly donated . We also would like some idea of the costs involved in building a toilet block and sorting out our access surface to make it a little more wheelchair friendly. Any ideas considered.

Pony Club stable management sessions

From 1 June 2016 there will no longer be Pony Club stable management sessions at the end of each lesson. They will remain free of charge, but will be at the following times only and will require pre-booking:

  • Saturdays 10.30am-11.30am and 2.30pm-3.30pm
  • Tuesdays 4.30pm-5.30pm
  • Fridays 4.30pm-5.3pm

We will also run sessions in the half terms and holidays to allow for catch up.