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Gymkhana Games results

We went on despite the weather, so well done to all the participants who were very wet, and the audience who probably won the record for how many humans crammed into a summerhouse!

Fancy Dress

  1. G Boorman and Penny
  2. L Skilton and K Cashford and Wonder Dream and Pie-oh-Pah
  3. K Muysken and R Robinson and Pumba and Mitmoo

Bucket Jumping

  1. I Iaquainello and Socks
  2. B Donmall and Sweep
  3. S Whittome, F Iaquainello, L Sutton and Pie-oh-Pah, Babysham and Beano

Bucket Weaving

  1. J Donmall and Socks
  2. K Muysken and Pumba
  3. E Brinson and Pringle Sandpiper
  4. L Skilton and Ronald Reagan

Sweet Races (run in three heats)

  1. K Briers and Cheap as Chips
  2. L Skilton and Ronald Reagan
  3. J Miller and Bobby Socks

Musical Chairs (run in two heats)

  1. J Miller – Bobby Socks
  2. G Boorman – Penny
  1.  I Saker – Socks
  2. M White – Ronald Reagan