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Second Summer Camp results

Individual Best Camper – Hatty
Grubbiest Camper – Nina
Most annoying questions – Ava
Most Improved – Jess B
Bravest camper – Holly
Noisiest camper – Yasmin
Tidiest camper – Lara
Best Turkey lover – Imogen
Most competitive – Ruby
Most determined – Emilia
Most dramatic – Anna
Most improved horse – Doobs

Round the World- Emma s
Handy Pony- Victoria
Leading- Imogen

Cross country 1st-4th

Emma S, Victoria, Helena, Jessica B and Hattie
Ava, Holly, Emilia, Imogen

Dressage 1st-4th

Helena, Alice, Ruby, Hatty
Jessica S, Katelyn, Amelia, Lara

Barrel Racing 1st-4th

Ava, Hatty, Anna, Victoria

Show Jumping 1st-4th


Jessica K, Helena, Mimi, Emma N

Hatty, Anna, Emma S, Jess B