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Results from first summer camp

  • Hardest working riders: Phoebe, Anya, Olivia
  • Most improved rider: Thomas
  • Most helpful: Ruby and Lucy
  • Best first time jumper: Ebony
  • Happiest hacker: Sophie
  • Laziest camper: Vicky
  • Girl most fond of the floor: Yasmin
  • Most competitive: Renata, Fleur, Lily

Faller offers: Yasmin, Ava, Renata, Ebony, Red, Jodie, Fleur

  • Dressage walk and trot: 1st-6th. Renata, Fleur and Lily, Thomas, Isobel, Maude, Amber and Olivia
  • Dressage walk, trot and canter – 1st-6th. Ruby, Vicky, Red, Tally and Phoebe, Lucy, Ava and Jodie
  • Wild West 1st-6th. Red, Ava, Renata, Sophie, Anya, Ruby
  • Handy Pony 1st- 6th Lucy, Tally, Red, Thomas, Renata, Eleanor
  • Round the world 1st-6th. Yasmin and Red, Lily, Lucy, Fleur, Ruby and Thomas
  • Winning turnout team: Welsh
  • Winning team overall: New Forest