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Half term achievements

Congratulations to the following Pony Clubbers for their achievements over half term.

  • Progressive Riding Bronze 3: Emily W, Kiera, Emily F, Erin, Joseph, Olivia G, Ilana, Annabel M, Annabelle
  • Bronze 2: Poppy, Olivia, Grace, Amy, Tiffany, Amelia
  • Bronze 1: Jess L, Fleur
  • Silver 1: Yasmin,
  • Gold 3: Ruby, Mary, Sofia

Achievement Badges

  • Mini Mucking Out: Poppy, Emily W, Kiera, Olivia, Grace, Erin, Joseph, Fleur, Annabelle, Amy, Jess L, Ilana, Olivia G
  • Breeds: Ruby
  • Big Points of Horse: Ruby
  • Mini Groom: Emily w, Kiera, Yasmin, Annabel M
  • Mini Tack up: Yasmin, Emily F, Erin, Jess L, Joseph, Annabel M, Fleur, Amy
  • Mini Feed: Fleur, Jess L, Tiffany, Olivia G, Ilana, Amelia
  • Big Muck Out: Fleur
  • Big Tack Up: Mary, Sofia
  • Tack Cleaning: Mary, Sofia
  • Mini Points of Pony: Amy, Jess L
  • Mini Poisonous plants: Tiffany Amelia
  • Security: Poppy, Emily W, Kiera, Olivia, Yasmin, Grace, Ruby, Emily F, Erin, Jess, Joseph, Fleur, Annabel M, Annabelle , Ruby, Jess L, Joseph, Mary, Sophia