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Wellgrove Riding for the Disabled

We are beginning the foundations of setting up a Riding for the Disabled Charity Centre at Wellgrove. Although this will be based at Wellgrove, it runs as a completely separate entity. I am currently training with Gilly Roper over at Bradbourne’s in Sevenoaks which has been an established centre for 50 years!

As well as the paperwork behind the formation of a charity, the main and overwhelming task is to gather up volunteers to assist in all the duties involved. Not all of these duties are horsey or even people-related, and could consist of anything from making tea and running fundraisers to being a trustee on the committee. Please contact us at Wellgrove if you think you can commit any time or skill to this as I really feel that horses have so much to offer everyone that we need to open the door to those we have not been able to cater for in the past.

Information can be found on the RDA website which will tell you about the ethos of the charity and Bradbourne’s RDA website is also worth a view as to looking at how a very well run centre is functioning. (They are also always in need of volunteers!)