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Show day results

Results from the Show Day.

Set 2

Bucket elimination

1st Alex Witchell and Foaly,
2nd Red Robinson and Molly/Lucy Sutton and Delia
4th Vicky Thorne and Tom/Alicia Ryan and Ronnie
5th Phoebe Kateley and Chippy /Abi Gregory and Baby

Best Rider

1st Ella Stanbury and Marcus
2nd Elinor Steward and Lottie
3rd Alicia Ryan and Ronnie
4th Lucy Sutton and Delia
5th Lydia Gregory and Pumba
6th Phoebe Kately and Chippy

Show jump

1st Elinor Steward and Lottie,
2nd Abi Gregory and Baby
3rd Phoebe Kateley and Chippy
4th Red Robinson and Molly/Alicia Ryan and Ronnie
5th Lydia Gregory and Pumba/Vicky Thorne and Tom

Set 3

Show jump

1st Lydia Woodcock and Apple
2nd Olivia Pingault and Molly
3rd Bella Donmall and Sky
4th Nellie Kottler and Sparky
5th Talia Burgess and Connie/Lara Skilton and Chippy
6th Jess Miller and Woody/Coral Salter and Foaly

Flat Out Race

1st Jess Miller and Woody

Working Hunter

1st Bella Donmall and Sky
2nd Olivia Pingault and Molly
3rd Jess Donmall and Lottie/Flora Cournane and Indy
4th Gemma Boorman and Penny/Coral Salter and Foaly
5th Jess Miller and Woody
6th Evie Green and Mo

Winner of Set 2: Elinor Steward
Winner of Set 3: Olivia Pingault