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Riding for the Disabled volunteers needed!

We are currently short of volunteers for our Riding For the Disabled group based in Tunbridge Wells, Wellgrove RDA. Now in our second year of operation we are beginning to have a busy timetable of events and with a bit more help I am sure that the group can offer riding for more individuals and groups that thrive on the exercise and time with the animals as well as being able to consolidate our current groups and begin to offer them competitions and qualifications outside of our closed environment.

As well as volunteers to assist in our riding group sessions, it would also be great to find some people that would like to help in other areas. Ideally it would be good to have an outside events coordinator that could look at what the RDA have to offer our riders and make the most of them. (This could range from running internal tests and shows to competing at qualifiers etc – this is all new to us, so any ideas, new or experienced would be welcomed.) Also useful roles might include a volunteers coordinator – they can do the boring form filling and drumming up support but also organise some socials etc. Other roles include tack cleaning, fund raising and treating the RDA ponies to cuddles and grooms etc!

Currently our timetable looks like this until end of July.( all time slots are 30 mins)

  • Monday 9.30 (littlies), 10.00 (adults), 11.00 (teenagers), 11.30 (young adults)
  • Tuesday 11.15 (teenagers)
  • Thursday 10.00 (littlies), 10.30 (teenagers)
  • Friday 1.30 (young adults)

From September as far as we know we have the same plus an extra group on a Thursday 1.00 (children).

On another note we could do with some craftsmen assistance – would love a DIY fanatic to do up the summer house that we were kindly donated . We also would like some idea of the costs involved in building a toilet block and sorting out our access surface to make it a little more wheelchair friendly. Any ideas considered.