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Results from first camp

Tack and Turnout

1st Pippa and Lucy M
2nd Esme and Alba
3rd Jodie and Alice

Show Jumping – small

1st Poppie
2nd Alice
3rd Alba
4th Maya

Medium Show Jumping

1st Rachel L
2nd Lucy B
3rd Rachel S
4th Vicky

Cross country big course

1st Archie
2nd Lucy B
3rd Vicky
4th Esme

Cross country small course

1st Rachel S
2nd Alice
3rd Poppie

Dressage – Novice

1st Lucy M
2nd Alice
3rd Vicky
4th Jodie

Dressage – Walk and trot

1st Poppie
2nd Holly
3rd Maya
4th Sophie

Wild West

1st Lucy M
2nd Lucy B
3rd Esme
4th Archie

  • Gymkhana games won by Archie’s team “Dujardin”
  • Winner of Stable Management Star – Rachel S
  • Winner of Most Improved – Alba