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Results for second residential camp

Tack and Turn out 1st-6th: Amber Holt, Olivia Sparkes and Pumba, Ella Stanbury and Baby,Ellie Burcombe and Pippa Mitchell with Bobby, Robyn Wilkinson and Jessicca with Lottie, Aobhin Bowles and Nell Fuller with Foaly, Helena and Abi Carlton Sparky tied with Edith Wallwork and Abbie Barter with Socks.

Handy Pony 1st-6th: Ella Stanbury and Abi Carlton, Olivia Sparkes and Robyn Wilkinson, Jessicca and Ellie Burcombe, Aobhin Bowles, Nell Fuller and Helena, Amber Holt and Edith Wallwork, Pippa Mitchell.