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Gymkhana and Pony Club results

These were the winners of our Tack and Turnout competition and Gymkhana Games from half-term:

Turn-out competition: Leah Faircloth with Socks

Bucket Elimination: Emily Hooker on Babysham and Alex Witchell on Beano
Sweet Race: Gemma Boorman on Sweep, Victoria Thorne on Socks and Red Robinson on Marcus
Ring and Post Race: Emily Hooker on Babysham
Flat-Out Race: Evie Green on Molly

Pony Club Awards:
Bronze 1: Mimi Brown Griffin
Bronze 2: Sofia Croft, Mary Lambert, Phoebe Everett-Kately, Grace Brown-Griffin
Bronze 3: Imogen Saker, Leah Faircloth, Millie White