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Farewell to Tuppence

Unfortunately Tuppence had to be put to sleep on 11/12/12 as she had a tear in her gut that could not be repaired. I remember Tuppence being born, but only just as I was only 5/6 years old, so she had a good innings. Her mum was called Sixpence and her dad Twinkle, and Tuppence had never known anything but the yard (she never travelled in a lorry or trailer even). As a foal she used to graze around the gardens of the house. As a young pony to ride she was a little crazy, loving cantering with her head vertical on hacks, catching clods of mud in her mouth from the pony in front. As teenagers we cracked riding Tup, who was very fast and loved jumping (not scary fillers) We used to call her Tangerine Tiptoe Tuppence due to her colour and speed. In later life, Tuppence taught nearly every current child rider at Wellgrove in the beginning due to her lovely lead rein nature. Once a year she still went crazy in the summer in the gymkhana, and still had the satisfaction of being able to ditch the odd child in the process. Tuppence and Sixpence were only separated when Sixpence died five years ago and I know both of them will be truly missed both as individuals and also the era of Wellgrove that they represent. Only Babysham still remains of Mr Whittaker’s (Grandad’s) old breeding stock.

Please leave your memories of Tuppence on her profile page, which will stay on the website in memorial to her.