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Rainbow and her colt Micky


Rainbow's stats

Full name
Liver chestnut

Unfortunately we had Rainbow put to sleep in the early hours of this morning (30/1/17). She had mild colic through Sunday but deteriorated through the night. My thanks goes out to Reuben from Milbourn equine vets for coming out 3 times in the night and negotiating horrendous weather and a long drive to and fro. Luckily she did not suffer long and the decision was made once the pain killers were no longer doing their job. Lots of sympathy goes out to all her carers and I know that Emma and Karen, her loaners, are beyond devastated. She does leave a lovely legacy in the shape of her son Mickey – so not bad for a £600 horse that nobody wanted 10 years ago.

Rainbow is an ex Showjumper, having been produced up to BSJA Grade B. After a bit of re-schooling Rainbow also produced some good Prelim dressage tests, but now enjoys her riding out most, proving confident and forward both alone and in company.

Rainbow bred us a lovely foal who we still have (Mickey).

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