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Pony Club news

News from Wellgrove’s Pony Club

Half term achievements

Congratulations to the following Pony Clubbers for their achievements over half term.

  • Progressive Riding Bronze 3: Emily W, Kiera, Emily F, Erin, Joseph, Olivia G, Ilana, Annabel M, Annabelle
  • Bronze 2: Poppy, Olivia, Grace, Amy, Tiffany, Amelia
  • Bronze 1: Jess L, Fleur
  • Silver 1: Yasmin,
  • Gold 3: Ruby, Mary, Sofia

Achievement Badges

  • Mini Mucking Out: Poppy, Emily W, Kiera, Olivia, Grace, Erin, Joseph, Fleur, Annabelle, Amy, Jess L, Ilana, Olivia G
  • Breeds: Ruby
  • Big Points of Horse: Ruby
  • Mini Groom: Emily w, Kiera, Yasmin, Annabel M
  • Mini Tack up: Yasmin, Emily F, Erin, Jess L, Joseph, Annabel M, Fleur, Amy
  • Mini Feed: Fleur, Jess L, Tiffany, Olivia G, Ilana, Amelia
  • Big Muck Out: Fleur
  • Big Tack Up: Mary, Sofia
  • Tack Cleaning: Mary, Sofia
  • Mini Points of Pony: Amy, Jess L
  • Mini Poisonous plants: Tiffany Amelia
  • Security: Poppy, Emily W, Kiera, Olivia, Yasmin, Grace, Ruby, Emily F, Erin, Jess, Joseph, Fleur, Annabel M, Annabelle , Ruby, Jess L, Joseph, Mary, Sophia

Pony Club test passes

Congratulations to the following Pony Clubbers on passing tests.

  • E test Esther and Christabel
  • D test Skala and Jess
  • D+ Hatty, Mimi, Grace, Sophia and Mary


Congratulations to Jess, Poppy, and Amelia who passed their Mini Points of the Pony badge, and Poppy who also passed her mini Feeding badge.


Congratulations to the following:

  • Bronze 3 Riding award – Amelia, Jess, Megan, Maddie, Katie
  • Bronze 2 Riding award – Amy, Evie
  • Bronze 1 Riding award – Milly, Jess, Saffron,
  • Silver 3 Riding award – Mary, Sofia, Ruby
  • Silver 1 Riding award – Hattie, Grace, Mimi
  • Feeding badge – Sofia, Mary, Hattie
  • Tacking Up – Mimi, Jess
  • Muck out – Milly
  • Mini Feed – Jess, Amelia, Maddison
  • Mini tack up – Amy, Evie, Maddie,
  • Mini muck out – Amy, Maddison, Jess,
  • Mini Groom – Jess, Megan, Evie,Maddie

Pony Club stable management sessions

From 1 June 2016 there will no longer be Pony Club stable management sessions at the end of each lesson. They will remain free of charge, but will be at the following times only and will require pre-booking:

  • Saturdays 10.30am-11.30am and 2.30pm-3.30pm
  • Tuesdays 4.30pm-5.30pm
  • Fridays 4.30pm-5.3pm

We will also run sessions in the half terms and holidays to allow for catch up.

More Pony Club achievements

Congratulations to the Pony Clubbers who passed the following:

  • Wild Flower badge – Chloe, Ava, Vaela, Lucy, Rachel, Ellie
  • Mini Grooming – Chloe, Ava, Ellie
  • Mini Feeding – Chloe, Ava, Vaela, Ellie
  • Mini Rugs – Chloe, Ava, Ellie

Riding awards:

  • Bronze 1 – Vaela, Ava, Chloe
  • Bronze 2 – Ellie
  • Silver 1 – Rachel, Lucy

Pony Club achievements

Congratulations on the following badges and riding awards:


  • Mini Tacking up: Eloise
  • Mini Grooming: Eloise, Olivia, Poppy, Grace
  • Mini Rugs: Eloise, Jess, Olivia, Saffron, Poppy, Grace, Maddison
  • Feeding: Grace
  • Birdwatching: Grace
  • Mucking out: Mimi
  • Poisonous plants: Mimi
  • Mini Feeding: Jess, Maddison
  • Points of Horse: Saffron
  • Mini Poisonous plants: Saffron
  • Mini birdwatching: Eloise, Mimi, Jess, Olivia, Saffron,Poppy, Grace, Maddison

Riding awards

  • Bronze 2 riding award: Eloise, Saffron
  • Bronze 1 riding award: Poppy, Olivia, Grace, Jess, Maddison
  • Silver 3 riding award: Grace, Mimi

D-test passes

Congratulations to Rachel, Georgia, Lucy, Olivia, Grace, Mimi, Sophia and Mary who passed their D-test today.

October Pony Club topic

The October Pony Club topic is Tack to include bridle stripping and bits (lorinery).

Pony Club Achievement Badges

Pony Club Achievement Badges from Sunday 10th May:

  • Mini points of tack – Erica, Hannah
  • Tack Cleaning – Erica
  • Mini Rugs – Rachel
  • Mucking out – Rachel

May Pony Club topic

The Pony Club topic for May is grooming and handling, to include plaiting, pulling and trimming.